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Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

Posted by jackflaming on July 4, 2012

Ice cream is a favorite dessert for most of the people. Which Ice cream flavors you like the most and what are various kind of Ice cream flavors? Below is a list of some most popular flavors an Ice Cream Van possess.

Ice cream van

Ice Cream

1. Vanilla – Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor in the world simply because of its simplicity or how good it tastes with toppings.

2. Chocolate – Chocolate is the second most popular ice cream flavor and for me it is the favorite one.

3. Strawberry – Strawberry is also a popular ice cream flavor comes after vanilla and chocolate in the popularity.

4. Butter Pecan – Vanilla flavoring with a sweet and crunchy twist, it is also the third most popular frozen dessert.

5. Neapolitan – It is the flavor that is prepared by mixing the top three flavors in to one.

6. Chocolate Chip – Classic flavor of vanilla combined with chocolate chips, even name is able to fill your mouth with water.

7. Chocolate Mint Chip – This is prepared by adding an extra layer to an already frozen ice cream with mint chips in either chocolate or vanilla flavor.

8. Cookie Dough – Tasty vanilla with the extra addition of little balls of cookie dough.

9. Coffee – The perfect and classic flavor on a hot summer day.

10. Rocky Road – This flavor is a combination of chocolate ice cream, tiny marshmallows, and crunchy walnuts.

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