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How I lost 20kg only in Three Months

Posted by jackflaming on May 6, 2013

Today, I am going to share my weight loss story with you all. Weight loss is one of the biggest problems of today and I was suffering from the same a few months ago, but then I followed a plan and now, my life is changed completely. I have lost 20 kg in just three months and continuously losing more.

weight loss

It’s been more than six months since I am following this weight loss program. I used to weight around 110kg a few months ago, but now, my weight is 78 kg and that to in just six months. I was really worried about my overweight and my family was more worried than me. Then, one of my friends told me about a weight loss program. First, I didn’t take him seriously as I already had followed many of them, but gained nothing.

When he forced me to try it, I thought to give it a try. I registered for the online program at celebrityslim fast weight loss. The program included many things like exercise, dieting, running, etc., but the thing that I liked the most was the meal replacement program. I think that was the thing that worked for me. No matter what was it, but now after six months, I am in a perfect health condition and my BMI has increased to a perfect level.

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How to Purify Water at Home?

Posted by jackflaming on May 3, 2013

The water we receive from water supply or from water sources is usually polluted and contaminated. We can’t use contaminated water as it can cause many diseases in our body. To make the supply water usable, it needs to be purified. Though there are many methods for water purification, here we will discuss some home based water distillation method.

water distillersWater Distillation: You can simple use water distillers for the purpose. I have a Megahome water distiller at my home that I use for purification of drinking water. This method is basically used to remove the dissolved gases from water.

Boiling: It is a traditional, but an effective water purification method. You can remove most of the dissolved chemicals and bacteria by boiling the water. You can simple use a heater and a pot or a water boiler to boil the water.

Filtering: It is also a tradition and effective water purification method. It includes the use of a cloth to filter the water. Though it removes all the undissolved things from the water, but doesn’t remove the bacteria. At more advance level, sand and pebbles are also used for filtering.

Chemical for water purification: There are many chemicals that can be used to remove the bacteria and other harmful things from the water. These chemicals include chlorine, bleaching powder, potassium, etc.

Use of water distillers and filters is a great way to remove all the dissolved and undissolved impurities from water.

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Things you need to know about exercise

Posted by jackflaming on May 1, 2013

Exercise is something that we do to keep our body fit and strong. It may include stretching, running, muscles building, etc. No matter which exercise method you follow, there are some basic things you need to know to gain the maximum benefit from your workout process.

fitness class

I am doing gym and exercise for past five years and I have experienced many mistakes that people do while exercising. One thing you should know is that a right step can build your fitness, but a wrong one will be harmful for your health that is why you need to take proper care while exercising. When I had joined my first gym five years ago at myfitnessboutique fitness class, I was not much aware of the things and exercise rules, but was lucky to get a good fitness gym and a professional teacher who taught me everything about exercise.

It is very important to keep breathing while working out. People usually hold their breath while exercising, but it is not a right way to go. Also, you must know when to breathe in and when to breathe out. Maintaining a proper posture is also very important to get the right benefit from your workout. You should also know when to stop once you are saturated. It is not good to continue with the exercise if you cannot take the pressure.

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Kegels for Incontinence: Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by jackflaming on April 26, 2013

Incontinence is a condition in which the person can no longer control his/her bladder activities. This is a very common disease and millions of people worldwide are suffering from incontinence. Since this is a problem related to bladder muscles, physicians advice to follow bladder and pelvic floor exercises to treat incontinence naturally. Kegels are one of such methods for natural treatment of incontinence. In this post, I am going to share some do’s and don’ts for kegel exercise.

Kegel exercise for incontinence

• Find the target muscles, i.e. pelvic floor muscles.
• Begin with kegel exercise for your pelvic floor muscles.
• Eat natural food that your bladder system loves i.e. food that does not irritate your bladders.
• Drink enough water to keep your bladder saturated.
• Keep practicing the kegels and keep increasing the frequency.
• Use incontinence pads and diapers to deal with your situation.


• Do not take fast food, caffeine, and alcohol.
• Do not leave exercise after few days. This is common with many people. They follow the exercise for first few days and then leave it. Consistency is very important.
• Do not ignore health advice from your doctor and physician.

Kegel exercise is a very effective and complete natural way to heal incontinence. There are more than one ways of doing it and your physician can suggest which one is the best for you.

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Why prefer Prepaid Electricity over Postpaid Electricity?

Posted by jackflaming on April 25, 2013

Before we talk about the differences, let’s first discuss what prepaid electricity and postpaid electricity are. Though the names are self explanatory, I will define them. Prepaid electricity is the way in which we use electricity by paying in advance while in postpaid electricity we use to pay once we have used the electricity. Usually after a month, we get our electricity bills of the uses for our last month.

At first glance, it looks like postpaid electricity is a better option for electricity supply as you can consume electricity even if you do not pay instant. I would say that this is not a good option, not actually better than the prepaid electricity. With postpaid electricity supply, you get a bill at the end of the month and it usually puts you in financial problems and can affect your budget. Electricity bills are always being a big headache. Another problem is that you cannot control your electricity uses. It is like a credit card, when you have it you spend, but when the bill comes, you come to know that you have spent much more than what you desired to.

Prepaid electricity is much positive in this. I ahve taken prepaid electricity supply from Prepaypower electricity Ireland and It gives me a chance to control electricity uses as I can use electricity only if I pay in advance. It also not affects your month end budget as I will pay in the starting of the month only.

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Home Renovation – How to Deal with Contractors

Posted by jackflaming on July 23, 2012

Contractors play an important part in your Home Renovations project. So you should take good care while choosing one. Here are some tips on how to deal with home renovation project contractors.

Home renovations Dublin

Home renovation Contractors

Pre-decide everything about payment, procedure, mode of payment, time of payment and everything else. Never make complete payment before the work is complete.
Also read their policies and agreement before hiring a contractor. Sign the contract only if you agree with all the conditions.
Make a proper plan of the parts of the house you want to be renovated and give it to your contractor and discuss with him the procedure.
Keep checking the renovation process, if you find any mistake, tell the contractor so that they are corrected on time.
Your attitude and behavior decides the performance of the workers and contractor, so behave accordingly.
Also your workers and contractor will have access to your home while the process, so make sure to keep proper security measures.
Keep watching the process and do not hesitate in making any suggestion if you think it is good for the process.
Even if you are not at the site every time during the process, stay in touch with the contractor over the phone to know the progress of the work.

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Essential Security Measures for a Self Storage

Posted by jackflaming on July 16, 2012

Security is a very important part of a Self Storage and it is something that can not be avoided. The main purpose of storing items in a self storage is to provide them security along with a place to store them.

Major Security items for a Self Storage


Security in Self Storage

CCTV Camera: It is used to keep an eye on the storage facilities. Security cameras should be placed everywhere in a self storage to keep track of the facility uses. These should also be placed at the doors.

Security Alarms: These are also a good security option. These also should be placed everywhere in a self storage. They can help in preventing unauthorized access or misused of the items in the self storage.

Monitoring System: It should be placed in the central office or control room from where you can keep an eye on various activities in your self storage with the help of CCTV cameras. In your monitor you can get live view and also video recording of any time span.

Security Guards: Security guards are the people whose work is to keep a record of the people entering in the self storage and also to prevent unauthorized entry and activities in the self storage premises.

There are many other security items you can find in today’s self storages apart from the above mentioned.

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Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

Posted by jackflaming on July 4, 2012

Ice cream is a favorite dessert for most of the people. Which Ice cream flavors you like the most and what are various kind of Ice cream flavors? Below is a list of some most popular flavors an Ice Cream Van possess.

Ice cream van

Ice Cream

1. Vanilla – Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor in the world simply because of its simplicity or how good it tastes with toppings.

2. Chocolate – Chocolate is the second most popular ice cream flavor and for me it is the favorite one.

3. Strawberry – Strawberry is also a popular ice cream flavor comes after vanilla and chocolate in the popularity.

4. Butter Pecan – Vanilla flavoring with a sweet and crunchy twist, it is also the third most popular frozen dessert.

5. Neapolitan – It is the flavor that is prepared by mixing the top three flavors in to one.

6. Chocolate Chip – Classic flavor of vanilla combined with chocolate chips, even name is able to fill your mouth with water.

7. Chocolate Mint Chip – This is prepared by adding an extra layer to an already frozen ice cream with mint chips in either chocolate or vanilla flavor.

8. Cookie Dough – Tasty vanilla with the extra addition of little balls of cookie dough.

9. Coffee – The perfect and classic flavor on a hot summer day.

10. Rocky Road – This flavor is a combination of chocolate ice cream, tiny marshmallows, and crunchy walnuts.

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How to Enjoy a Hen Party in a Spa

Posted by jackflaming on July 2, 2012

Spa is the best place to celebrate a party especially a hen party as spa is the favorite place of girls.

How to enjoy Hen Parties at Spa:

Below are some tips that can help you in organizing a hen party in a spa.

Hen parties

Hen Party at Spa

• The most important thing is the selection of a spa. Choose a spa that is perfect for hen party, they should have all the facilities for a hen party.
• Prefer to make advance booking for a spa. You can even get a good discount on advance booking.
• Make a list of the friends whom you want to invite for the party and make arrangements and bookings accordingly.
• Do not eat just before or after exercise.
• You can offer wine or green tea to your guest while they are waiting for there turn at the spa.
• Pre- decide the spa treatments and party services you want to include in your hen party as your payments and other bookings will depend on this.
• If you are also including exercise in your party schedule, take it before other party activities and dinner.

You can enjoy your hen party very much if you manage and arrange everything effectively.

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